Majma seeks to produce and promote a body of short films over time on diverse issues.


  • This short film is a showcase of Jurrat, a week long campaign on gender based violence organised by Majma and Swaang from December 10 to 16, 2013.

    Video: Rajneesh Sahil, Mustafa and ActionAid India

    Editing: Abhinav Sharma

  • Sirf Jhaag

  • Made in 2006, this short film is an examination of the ways in which communities are typecast and fear against 'the Other' is created. It particularly explores the stereotypes that fuel current Islamophobia.

    Direction: Ravinder Randhawa

    Cast: Manish Shrivastava, Hadi Sarmadi, Pritpal Randhawa, Sanjay Kumar, Alisa Weinstein