This page lists web links to a few media reports that mention Majma's work.

    A show of strength

  • Event to mark the anniversary of the Nirbhaya gang-rape case, two cultural groups come together to organise a mobile concert in Delhi. 

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  • In the memory of braveheart Delhi takes to the streets

  • Actors, singers, students and aam janta came together to remember the Delhi Braveheart and reaffirm their resolve to make India a safe country for women. We are a long way from that ideal but protestors’ enthusiasm makes one want to believe it.

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  • December 16 Delhi gangrape: One year since the tragedy

  • A year later the death of Dec 16 gangrape victim still continues to touch lives.Has the condition for women changed since then? To discuss these questions we have among us actress Swara Bhaskar and musical/cultural groups Swaang and Majma trying to create awareness through their inspiring songs and…

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