Majma collaborates with individual writers, singers and musicians to both produce and perform protest music. Majma Music Group has performed in educational institutions and bastis as well as events, protests and campaigns.

Recently, Majma has produced a protest music album titled ‘Aaj Ke Naam’.

Current members involved in Majma music productions include Bipasha Ghosh, Pritpal Randhawa, Praveen Ranjan, Ravinder Randhawa, Sandeep Sharma, Sanjay Kumar and Supriya Chotani

  • Aaj Ke Naam

    ‘Aaj Ke Naam’ music album comprises original compositions based on the poetry of Faiz, Pash and other contemporary writings, which speak of the many crises and struggles of our times. The album has six songs.

    1. Aaj Ke Naam Lyrics: Faiz Ahmad Faiz; Composition: Supriya Chotani

    2. Khali Polythene Lyrics: M Shrivastav; Composition: Ravinder Randhawa 

    3. Chal Chaliye Lyrics: Pritpal Randhawa; Composition: Supriya Chotani 

    4. Hum Ladenge Lyrics: Pash; Composition: Ravinder Randhawa 

    5. Naiyo Ralna Lyrics: Pritpal Randhawa; Composition: Supriya Chotani 

    6. Maa Nee Meri (Swaang) Lyrics: Ravinder Randhawa; Composition: Rohit Sharma

    Vocals: Bipasha, Pritpal, Ravinder, Sanjay, Supriya


    To BUY this album, visit The album costs Rs 150. You can also buy selected songs at Rs 25 each.

    Chal Chaliye


    Video Director : Ravinder Randhawa 

    Featuring : Rohit Rajvardhan and Praveen Ranjan
    Lyrics : Pritpal Randhawa   Composition : Supriya Chotani
    Vocals : Ravinder, Bipasha, Supriya, Pritpal, Sanjay, Sandeep
    Guitar : Sandeep Sharma and Jack Thakuri
    Programming and Arrangement : Tapan Jyoti Dutta
    Creative Support : Rohit Sharma (Swaang)

  • Hum Ladenge Saathi

  • Video Director: Ravinder Randhawa

    Poetry: Avtar Singh Pash
    Composition: Ravinder Randhawa
    Song from 'Aaj Ke Naam', a music album by Majma

  • Maa Nee Meri (by Swaang)


    The song is produced by Swaang. It is a mark of protest aginst the shameful incident of gangrape in Delhi on 16 December 2012.

    Lyrics: Ravinder Randhawa

    Composition: Rohit Sharma