The following is a showcase of our posters on gender and violence, made as part of our campaign, Jurrat. These posters have been widely disseminated in urban communities and rural areas through our partner groups. We hope to build a collection of publications, including posters and booklets that speak to a wider audience on diverse issues. 

Jurrat Theme Posters

Jurrat is courage! Our brazen spirit! Our fearless stride to break out of oppressive gendered norms! These artistic posters offer a striking visual representation of the meanings evoked by 'Jurrat'.

Graphic Designer: Ajit Lakra and Rashmi Lakra

Do Not Forget

These six posters are an attempt to keep alive the stories of a few stories of women, who persisted with courage in face of heinous crimes committed on them.

Graphic Designer: Rafi


Facets of Violence

These 10 posters depict the life cycle of violence faced by girls and women, particularly in the sphere of the family, such as foeticide, rape and sexual harassment, honour killings, dowry deaths and domestic violence.

Graphic Designer: Vinod Koshti